Maceyka, Thomas

Senior Technical Specialist (Weir Specialty Pumps)

He has over thirty five years of rotating equipment experience focused on centrifugal pumps and compressors. He has participated on API 617 (Centrifugal Compressors) and API 682 (Seals) Task Forces, and is a current member of the API 610 (Centrifugal Pumps) 12th Edition Task Force. During his career, he has held positions in Engineering, Product Management, and Product Development with increasing levels of responsibility. Currently, Mr. Maceyka is a Senior Technical Specialist with Weir Specialty Pumps, and working with end users to improve plant reliability by educating them on Pitot Tube pump technology for low-flow high-head services.


Pérez Ansón, M. Angeles

Associate Professor (University of Zaragoza)

PhD. In Computational Mechanics (University of Zaragoza 2004). PhD excellence award (UZ 2004). She was a post-doctoral fellow at the Trinity Centre of Bioengineering (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) and at the Ecole de Technologie Superieure of the University of Quebec (Montreal, Canada. She is a member of the I3A (Aragon Institute of Engineering Research). Her present research mainly focuses on computational mechanics, non-linear finite element methods, and multiscale analyses with applications on the Industrial, Biomechanics and Mechanobiology fields. Her teaching expertise covers Structural Mechanics, Fatigue of materials and Design of Prosthesis and Implants.


Zavala, Rafael

Engineering Advisor for ExxonMobil Production Projects

B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineer from the Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela and also holds a Master’s degree on Reliability and Maintainability Engineering from the University of Exeter, U.K. He is also a honorary fellow at the MIRCE Akademy (Reliability related Research and Education), U.K. During the last two decades, has been charge of projects development for the oil and gas industry and overseeing engineering and construction activities for projects around the world. Has worked as Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Plant Engineering Team Lead, Engineering Manager and more recently as Global Engineering Advisor. Areas of expertise include reliability and maintainability engineering, projects execution, basic and detailed engineering development, procurement and construction. Experience in projects design basis development, selection and use of project design standards, major equipment purchase, overseeing contractor engineering deliverables, risk assessments, and in leading project engineering disciplines (mechanical, process, electrical, instrumentation & control, and civil).


Piping Engineering Workshop 2016

workshop banner

InIPED together with University of Zaragoza (Spain) is organising of a two-day workshop on October 22-23, 2016. The purpose of the workshop is to allow participants to learn about specialist topics, new developments and share experience.

The workshop includes lectures, hands-on practical exercises and discussions about relevant topics. Experienced engineers and technicians from the petrochemical industry will be conducting the lectures and assist in the various workshops.

The target participants will be junior and medium experienced engineers from the industry and other interested parties.

You can find more information about the Workshop and how to register here.